Help People

Reachme makes easy for social media influencers and fans to communicate. By donating 10% of our annual profits to charity we hope to make inspire others to follow our mission of helping others. #LikesForCharity

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Give back

Support campaigns and events that you care about.

Inspire your audience

Good leaders must lead by example. By walking your talk, you become a person others want to follow. Inspire your audience with your real values.

Change the world

We envision a world where we can turn popularity into real help for the less fortunate.

How can you help?

We welcome all types of users in our community.

Send donations

Donate part of the profits to the cause you want to support and get featured as a top supporter.

Become an ambassador

Take a step forward and participate in our campaigns and events. We're always looking for new ways to engage with businesses and charities.

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Share your stats and motivate your audience. Let others know the actions we're taking to make the world a better place.